Server/Community Rules & TOS:

1. Basic Rules:

  1. 18+, mature adults only
  2. No illegal activities, game content, communications, or endorsements
  3. No slurs, or derogatory terms in game content, or communications
  4. No excessive sexual, violent, or offensive game content, or communications - use common sense
  5. No threatening or compromising the security of the server
  6. You are responsible for your account

2. Harassment:

  1. Threatening others is NOT allowed - doxxing, blackmailing, and/or extortion will be taken seriously
  2. No harassment
  3. Don't be a creep
  4. No impersonation of current/past players or staff
  5. No arguing with, or harassing staff

3. Game Rules:

  1. No griefing
  2. No theft
  3. No unconsensual PVP
  4. Use an appropriate name, nickname, and skin
  5. No major modifications of the main end island

4. Client Modifications:

  1. No PVP hacks
  2. No movement hacks
  3. No X-ray hacks
  4. No evading or bypassing punishment - VPNs, alts, etc. will be aggressively dealt with

5. Etiquette:

  1. Be polite and respect others - we are a community
  2. No abusing the claims system - public areas are to be kept public
  3. No advertising or soliciting - on the server or Discord, this includes other Minecraft servers
  4. No disparaging the server, or server staff
  5. No excessive religious or political conversation - it drives people away
  6. No looting another player's body unless protecting items
  7. No building within 250 blocks of another player without permission; 1000 for larger bases
  8. No begging - you are expected to fend for yourself, there are no teleports
  9. Don't block someone in - physical obstruction or traps are not tolerated; pranks are accepted but don't go too far
  10. If a player asks you to leave their area/claim you must leave
  11. No loitering other player's areas
  12. No squatting - you are not allowed to move into another person's base without permission
  13. Don't leave tree tops
  14. Do not spoil server lore - users have put lots of work into puzzles
  15. No spamming chat/Discord
  16. There's a fine line between sharing and attention seeking - try not to be attention seeking
  17. When a player is killed via PVP they will drop their head - this is a fun thing. It is OK if someone gets your head in consensual PVP - they are entitled to keep it if they desire
  18. Don't use Dynmap to target or bother others, especially admins. We'd prefer if players didn't hide themselves since it goes against why we have it

6. Redstone & Automation:

  1. Optimize trading halls - villagers cause insane lag. Name trading villagers "Bonk" or "Trader" to disable their AI
  2. We allow the usage of three accounts per IP address. If more are logged into the network at any time we may take action depending on severity
  3. No lag-inducing automation - avoid excessive block updates
  4. Redstone automation must ALWAYS have a way to be disabled; in situations where it cannot be disabled, it must be lag-efficient so unintentional loading doesn't lag server
  5. Keep farms/mob grinders at reasonable levels. Limit the number of farms to one per mob/animal/plant type (double spawners are acceptable)
  6. Excess items must be burnt - avoid lots of loose entities
  7. Optimize your hoppers - avoid full hoppers and place composters on exposed hoppers
  8. No carpet dupers - community mapart exception

WARNING: Failure to follow the rules can result in a permanent ban. Rules are subject to change at op's discretion.

Players who we believe are not a good fit will be removed from the community.

Questions? Reach out to us on Discord »

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