Folkhack's Modpack

Install & Configure

Download ATLauncher launcher and install modpack »

To use the modpack we use a lightweight launcher called ATLauncher. It has Windows, OSX, and Linux support.

Installing ATLauncher & Modpack:
  • Download, install, and launch ATLauncher
  • Click "Accounts" on the right on ATLauncher
  • Click "Login with Microsoft" and login with the launched browser
  • Download the zip file or copy the URL of the modpack
  • Click "Instances" on the right of ATLauncher
  • Click "Import" and enter file or URL of modpack .zip

Configure Modpack to Taste:

These are optional steps to configure your modpack to taste. Out-of-box the modpack is optimized for performance, compatibility, and vanilla gameplay with QOL improvements.

  • General:
    • FOV to preference
    • Music disabled

  • Grahpics:
    • GUI Scale to preference
    • Grahpics to "Fancy" or "Fabulous"
    • Weather/Leaves" quality to "Fancy"
    • Particles to "All"
    • Smooth Lighting enabled
    • Biome Blend to max
    • Entity Distance to max
    • Entity Shadows enabled
    • Mipmap Levels to max

  • Resource Packs:
    • [1.20.1] Simple Item Frames to preference
    • Fast Better Grass to preference (put before any other resource packs that modify grass)
    • Default Connected Textures to preference
    • Glass Pane Culling Fix to preference (enable if using connected texture)

  • Mods:
    • Distant Horizons mod enabled + configured in Mod Menu (disabled by default)
    • Iris Shaders mod enabled + shader pack chosen/configured in Mod Menu (no shaderpack by default) - Meteor entity ESP does NOT work with this!
    • Dynamic FPS to preference - good for running multiple instances without killing your CPU/GPU performance

Keyboard & Input Reference

Searchable/sortable input reference to help you better control the modpack content »

Modpack Content

What's included in folkhack's modpack »
Resource Packs:
Default Dark Mode
Dark menu themes
Redstone Tweaks
Component power, and direction resource pack - borderless one enabled by default; bordered one disabled
Connected textures
Glass/misc. connected blocks; disabled by default
Fast Better Grass
Connected grass blocks; disabled by default
No Pumpkin Blur
Removes pumpkin helmet blur; disabled by default
[1.20.1] Simple Item Frames
Simplified item frame model to improve FPS; disabled by default
Better food/saturation/hunger UIX tweaks
Auto Clicker (Fabric)
Auto clicker, easy to use menu and toggle
WorldEdit killer - I mean oh. my. blog. disabled by default, singleplayer only
Minecraft pathfinding and automation bot (included in Meteor Client)
Enhanced + highlighted F3 menu
Better Mount HUD
Shows player and mount health + food at same time when riding a mount
Tick warp, hopper counters, mobcap view; disabled by default, singleplayer only
Chat Heads
Adds chat heads to chat
Keyboard binding UIX enhancements
Distant Horizons
Cached distant chunk rendering; disabled by default
Dynamic FPS
Reduces FPS when client is not focused/minimized; disabled by default
Trader UIX improvements - shift + click to perform all trades for item
Items reference with recipes (both full manifest and craftable)
Enhanced Block Entities
Block entity rendering optimization (chests, etc.)
Using async path-tracing to skip rendering Block/Entities that are not visible
Memory opimization plugin
Freecam (Fabric/Forge)
Freecam (Curseforge edition)
Horse Stats Vanilla
Shows horse stats on animal UI
Connected textures dependency
Inventory HUD+
HUD for tools, potions, and inventory
Inventory Profiles Next (IPN)
Inventory sorting, mouse tools, hotbar profiles
Iris Shaders
Shader support - ESP bug with Meteor; disabled by default
Held/thrown light emitting items emit environmental light
Schematic tool
Litematica Printer
Auto-printer for Litematica
Vanilla-friendly game optimizations
Meteor Client
Full-blown additional client that sits side-by-side with Folkhack modpack
Meteor Rejects
Additional Meteor Client functionality
Overlay helpers such-as spawn light levels and spheres
Mod Menu
Mod configuration in one place
More Chat History
Stores full chat history instead of clipping it
Entity healthbars
Pet Owner
Shows pet owner when looking at tamed animals
Graphic performance improvements + Iris/etc. support
Spell Checker
Spell checker with personal dictionary
Enhanced book/sign utilities
Gamma override, zoom, automation features
CLI command for creative building; disabled by default, singleplayer only
Xaero's Minimap
Minimap support
Additional Xaeros features like showing render/simulation distance, and new chunks
Xaero's World Map
Worldmap support
Xaero Zoom-out
Increases zoom-out distance when looking at Xaero's world map
Complementary Reimagined
Shaderpack; disabled by default

Known Issues

Bugs/quirks with modpack content »
  • Misc. Oddities:

    • Healthbars show by default on every restart (Neat plugin). Hitting F12 will disable them. Decided to keep them on due to it being an unobtrusive UI benefit that is easy to turn off. Issue: 137

  • Missing/Disabled Content:

    • Graphics Mods:

      Any graphics-intensive mod has been disabled by default (listed below). This is because the modpack is designed to ship in a very optimized state for lower-end computers. Mods included in this: graphics-inducing resource packs, Distant Horizons, Iris Shaders, and shaderpacks.

    • World Editing:

      Due to these mods causing major compatibility issues they are in a disabled-by-default state. To get these working, disable any shader mods (Iris) as well as any Meteor mods (Meteor Client, Meteor Rejects). Mods included in this: Axiom, Carpet, and WorldEdit.

    • Dynamic FPS:

      This is a mod that dials the FPS/volume down when the game is running in the background. This is awesome for automation players, but may not have a usecase for normal users.

    • Iris Shaders:

      Iris Shaders cause issue with Meteor Client when ESP is enabled - shows floating items in air. It is recommended to only enable Iris + shaders on an as-needed basis (screenshots, etc) if using with Meteor - ensure to set the shader enable/disable key to K in keybinding controls. Otherwise, disable Meteor mods. Issues: 3967, 3900, 3731, 1259.

    • alto-clef (MarvionKirito fork):
      No 1.20 version exists so currently not included in the modpack. Will be included once 1.20 support drops (currently only 1.19.4). If you need to use alto-clef it is recommended to join the server with a legacy 1.19.4 client. alto-clef MarvionKirito fork. There are additional forks of alto-clef that exist with 1.20 compatibility but those are currently being tested for inclusion in the modpack.

Syncing Content - Manual Migrating

Migrate these directories when updating your ATLauncher instance so you don't lose data »
  • IMPORTANT! Ensure old instance is kept and/or is backed-up! Click "Backup" in ATLauncher Instances tab to backup instance
  • Click "Open Folder" in ATLauncher Instances tab to get access to insance directories
  • OPTIONALLY migrate/merge these directories to the new instance, some of them may not exist depending on the modpack you are using:
    • baritone
    • baritone/settings.txt
    • config/inventoryprofilesnext
    • config/litematica
    • config/minihud
    • config/personaldictionary
    • config/sound_physics_remastered
    • config/stendhal/books
    • config/voicechat
    • config/worldedit
    • Distant_Horizons_server_data
    • saves
    • schematics
    • screenshots
    • XaeroWaypoints
    • XaeroWorldMap
    • emi.json
    • realms_persistence.json
    • servers.dat

Syncing Content - Migration bash Script

Use bash and rsync to migrate content easily! »

WARNING: Please only use this if you are know what you are doing!!!

Folkhack's Instance Migration Script on GitHub »

CHANGELOG & Previous Versions

Full CHANGELOG notes on each version's updates + previous download links »
1.20.1_1 2023-08-23

Download 1.20.1_1 Modpack

  • Plugin Adds/Removes:
    • Meteor Client enabled by default - random crouching bug fixed
    • Removes Bobby - adds Distant Horizons LOD alpha build
    • Adds Stendhal
    • Adds EntityCulling back in
    • Adds XaeroPlus plugin for additional Xaeros features
    • EasierVillagerTrading no longer is djlawler fork
    • Adds Dynamic FPS plugin in disabled state for dumbing-down FPS when window not focused
    • Removes auto 3rd person (was disabled by default)
    • Removes NoFog (was disabled by default)
    • Removes Jade info plugin - use looking at block name from mini-info
    • Adds Pet Owner
    • Adds Axiom in a disabled state
  • Plugin Config Changes:
    • Potion hud moved from lower-left of toolbar to middle-right of screen - fixes conflict with chat/toolbar
    • Adds speed, makes part of the F4 mini-info
    • Removes server TPS from mini-info (use tpsbar instead)
    • Removes ping from mini-info (use tab menu instead)
    • Removes memory usage from mini-info
    • Removes light level from mini-info
    • Removes real world time from mini-info
    • Reorganizaes mini-info
    • Adds map preview rendering
    • Tweakeroo BlockReachDistance to 5.5 (allows placing tower at 4 blocks rather than 3)
    • Tweakeroo potion effects disabled in first person - fixes constant effects particles when around beacons
  • Resource Pack Updates:
    • Removes time from Redstone Tweaks 2.3 jukeboxes
    • Two versions of the Redstone Tweaks 2.3 resource pack with/without block borders
  • Website:
    • Fixes dates for CHANGELOG
    • Fixes keyboard reference for Client Modpack page on website
    • Fixes online player count for Client Modpack page on website
    • Updates client modpack page on website for up-to-date content
    • Adds CTRL + R hotkey for EMI show recipe to keyboard reference

1.20.1_0 2023-06-22

Download 1.20.1_0 Modpack

NOTE: "0" version number is due to unreleased packages such-as Distant Horizons. Full version # will come when all modpack content is released + tested.

  • Supports Minecraft 1.20.1
  • Consolidates all modpack versions down to single modpack with "configure to taste" documentation on this page
  • Removes Dashloader
  • Removes ClickThrough
  • Removes EntityCulling
  • Removes Starlight (Fabric)
  • Temporariliy removes Distant Horizons - no 1.20 support yet
  • Updates EasierVillagerTrading to djlawler EasierVillagerTrading fork for 1.20 support
  • Re-adds Horse Stats Vanilla now that supports 1.20
  • Adds EMI - recipe book sucks and EMI gives instant access to craftable items
  • Adds Neat - entity health bars
  • Adds Enhanced Block Entities - optimization for block entity models like chests/etc.
  • Adds Auto Third Person in default disabled state - third person when boat traveling
  • Adds Bobby in default disabled state - compromise for no Distant Horizons
  • Adds NoFog in default disabled state - for aggressive fog on servers like 2b2t
  • Adds Meteor Client in default disabled state - disabled by default due to random crouching bug
  • Adds Meteor Rejects in default disabled state - disabled by default due to random crouching bug
  • Updates all mods to latest 1.20.* versions
  • New instance images (including for Meteor client and alto-clef)
  • Keybinding updates:
    • Adds x for Meteor Client GUI
    • Adds F8 for Meteor Client entity ESP
    • Adds F9 for Meteor Client storage ESP
    • Adds F10 for Meteor Client block ESP
    • Adds F12 for Neat entity health bars

1.19.4_2 2023-04-14
  • Modpack Versions:
  • Changes:
    • Adds LambDynamicLights
    • Updates Freecam to Curseforge edition to allow clipping for non-ops
    • Fixes custom F4 menu shown by default
    • IPN updates:
      • Fixes reverse order for food sorting
      • Updates overall sorting to not use custom name but the creative index
      • Adds ' + y hotkey to reload configs
    • Adds Better F3 config for more readable F3
    • Enables inventory HUD by default

1.19.4_1 2023-04-11
  • Modpack Versions:
  • Changes:
    • Updates Minecraft version to 1.19.4
    • Updates Fabric Loader to most recent version
    • Updates all mods to most recent versions
    • Removes LazyDFU plugin, replaces with DashLoader
    • Removes Health Bar Plus plugin, plugin is clunky + didn't work correctly; can see health with Jade
    • Removes "I Know What I'm Doing" by setting "tutorialStep:none" in instance options.txt
    • Removes "Horse Stats Vanilla (Fabric);" can now use Jade to see horse stats when targeting horse
    • Adds Inventory Profiles Next (IPN) plugin; replaces: Mouse Tweaks, EasierCrafting, EasierChests
    • Adds Jade which shows you what block you're looking at
      • Shows health of targeted mob
      • Shows block information
      • Shows entity information (ex: horses)
    • Adds FerriteCore for memory optimization
    • Adds Starlight (Fabric) for lighting optimizations
    • Adds Xaero Zoomout to allow Xaeros world map to zoom out further
    • Adds Better Mount Hud for seeing all health/food stats while riding a mount
    • Adds DashLoader to replace LazyDFW
    • Adds Lithium optimization mod
    • Keybinding updates:
      • Document Mouse Button 3 sample block (both vanilla and w/Litematica)
      • Removes "Button 4" hold to use from Tweakeroo (was not documented)
      • IPN:
        • Hover over item + scroll moves items between inventory and container
        • Hover over item + shift + scroll moves stacks between inventory and container
        • ' for settings menu
        • ' + y reload IPN config
        • ' + s to save current hotbar as IPN config in profiles.txt
        • Hover over item + ' + n dumps raw item NBT to chat as string
        • Hover over item + Ctrl + c copies raw item NBT to clipboard as string
        • Hover over item + Ctrl + Shift + c copies item ID to clipboard as string
        • r sort inventory or container
        • g move all matches between inventory or container
        • g + shift move all matches between inventory or container
        • Alt + 1 select "main" inventory profile
        • Alt + 2 select "attack_elytra" inventory profile
        • Alt + 3 select "attack_armor" inventory profile
    • Adds IPN setting for preventing item drop on closing menus when item is selected
    • Adds custom IPN sorting rule "@folkhack" that sorts shulkers first in color order k-scale, rainbow, brown
    • Adds Tweakeroo attack restrcition list for villagers and iron golems
    • Fixes scale of in-world Xaero's waypoints

1.19.3_1 2023-02-22
  • Modpack Versions:
  • Changes:
    • Updated to 1.19.3
    • Split modpack into different versions for high/low end computers
    • Adds Chat heads mod
    • Adds Continuity mod for connected block textures (such-as glass)
    • Adds Distant Horizons mod for long-distance chunk caching
    • Adds EasierCrafting mod
    • Adds EntityCulling mod
    • Adds Faithful 32x for higher-resolution base texture pack
    • Adds Fast Better Grass for connecting grass block textures
    • Adds Health Bar Plus mod
    • Adds Indium dependency for Continuity mod
    • Adds LazyDFU mod
    • Adds More Chat History mod
    • Adds Redstone Tweaks resourcepack
    • Adds Tweakeroo mod
    • Adds Auto Clicker (Fabric)
    • Adds Baritone
    • Adds Carpet
    • Adds Default Dark Mode
    • Adds Litematica
    • Adds Litematica Printer
    • Adds No Pumpkin Blur
    • Adds WorldEdit
    • Removed Beenfo, replaced with Tweakeroo tooltips
    • Removed Better F3 from base lite/full modpacks
    • Removed Complimentary Shaders, replaced with Complimentary Shaders Reimagined
    • Removed Gamma Utils, replaced with Tweakeroo gamma override
    • Removed Light Overlay, replaced with MiniHUD spawnable overlay
    • Removed Zoomify, replaced with Tweakeroo zoom
    • Updates HUD+ configuration to not break when resizing window
    • Updates all mod configurations to not conflict with keybindings
    • Updates all other mods to most recent versions

1.19.2 2022-12-14
  • Modpack Versions:
  • Changes:
    • Initial exported documented/Curseforge modpack
    • Targets new 1.19.2 Hetzner server

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