Server News:

Modpack Update!
folkhack 8-23-2023
Voting update!

To help market the server we have enabled voting. Please visit the voting page on the website or type /voteall in game to get the server's voting links.

  • Added voting w/leaderboards
  • Added colored names as voting incentive
  • Added GSit plugin
  • Added chat item plugin
folkhack 8-10-2023
1.20.1 Update!

Server has been updated to the 1.20.1 version of Minecraft.

  • Updates Purpur to 1.20.1 build
  • Spawn moved to -30k, 30k
  • ToolStats plugin added during last version
  • ViaVersion/ViaBackwards support back to 1.19.3
  • All plugins upgraded to their newest working version
  • Wiki added to website

Client modpack updated!

folkhack 6-29-2023
1.19.4 Update!

Server has been updated to the 1.19.4 version of Minecraft.

  • Updates Purpur to 1.19.4 build
  • Datapack changes:
    • Removes colored name change
    • Adds:
      • AFK display (greys name when user is AFK)
      • Dragon drops (Elytra + Dragon Egg drop on killing Jean)
      • Unlock all recipes (gives players all recipes when they join for QOL improvement)
  • Adds ViaVersion and ViaBackwards to enable 1.19.3 client support
  • All plugins upgraded to their newest working version
  • Anti-enderman griefing re-enabled in Purpur

Client modpack updated!

folkhack 4-11-2023
1.19.3 Update!

Server has been updated to the 1.19.3 version of Minecraft.

  • Server now runs on Purpur, giving us significant performance improvements
  • Server has been upgraded and is now running on 8C/16G Hetzner CPX41 server
  • Ongoing improvements for anti-griefing and player QOL with the installation of CoreProtect and GriefPrevention
  • Custom software written for proactively reporting griefers
  • AntiVillagerLag plugin installed - to disable villager AI name them "Bonk" or "Trader"
  • GravityControl plugin installed
  • Phantoms disabled by popular request via /gamerule doInsomnia false

Client modpack updated!

folkhack 2-23-2023
Client Modpack!

To make the recommended client configuration easy to install we've published a Curseforge modpack + full instructions on all of the mods we use with their custom configurations.

Check it out on the new "Client Modpack" page »

folkhack 12-14-2022
1.19.2 Update!

Server has been updated to the 1.19.2 version of Minecraft.

All Improvements:
  • Upgraded to 1.19.2: Now on 1.18 with updated Paper/Spigot/Bukkit/etc.
  • New host: Moved from OVH to Hetzner now that they have US datacenters.
  • Storage: More than doubled storage improving backups.
  • Server Dashboard: Thanks to minecraft-prometheus-exporter we now have a fully custom Grafana dashboard for both system and Minecraft stats
  • Improved Docs: Server documentation greatly improved.
  • Removed non-standard ports: Removed 8086 and 6502 non-standard ports.
  • Added Whitelist Form: Adds a whitelist form that instantly adds a person so that ops do not have to manually add people + people get to play immediately.
folkhack 12-10-2022
1.19 Update!

Server has been updated to the 1.19 version of Minecraft.

Since it's a major version bump, we have moved spawn - New Spawn »

folkhack 7-11-2022
1.18.2 Update!

Server has been updated to the 1.18.2 version of Minecraft.

folkhack 3-30-2022
Alpha/Beta Merge + Dynmap + 1.18 Update!

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the server we decided to bring back our original alpha/beta map. You can now visit the very original multiplayer spawn that we started with!

All Improvements:
  • Spawn moved!
  • Upgraded to latest: Now on 1.18 with updated Paper/Spigot/Bukkit/etc.
  • Datapacks added: Fast tree decay, player head drops, anti-enderman griefing, multiplayer sleep.
  • Whitelist implemented: Sorry =( ... due to how popular griefing random servers has become we have decided to use a whitelist + application process for new players. All players that have played on the server have been added to the whiltelist. Seriously this sucks...
  • New hosting: We've moved to OVH where we can get double the server resources for the same monthly price.
  • New website: Completely rebuilt the website from the ground up and added quicklinks to map locations.
  • Dynmap: Dynmap is now fully added with full renders working except on the alpha/beta world - due to the anvil conversion from alpha/beta Minecraft maps the normal "InhabitedTime" meta information is not stored. Will need to "rediscover" all of the old creations on alpha/beta to get them mapped.
  • Discord: New Discord was created specifically for the server to be more friendly to new people.
  • Application Form: New application form due to whitelist.
  • New dragon spawned in end! (needed to test =P)
folkhack 2-3-2021
Survival/Legacy Merge + 1.17 Update!

To save on server resources we've decided to merge the legacy/survival maps. This has some odd effects like having two end islands. Overall this has improved the server load immensely as we're able to run one server instance instead of two! The new merged map is on hard difficulty.

  • Spawn moved!
  • Upgraded to latest: Now on 1.17 with updated Paper/Spigot/Bukkit/etc.
  • Decommissioned Mapcrafter: Project is falling out-of-date and is failing to render map correctly
  • Testing Dynmap: Due to mapping solution not working we are migrating to "Dynmap" which gives us live mapping of the server vs. a nightly render!
  • Testing new hosting: Testing a new host that has twice the server resources for the same price - OVH.
folkhack 6-10-2021
2020 Server Rebuild!

We've been going strong for almost 10 years and it was time to do an overhaul of the latest iteration of the Minecraft server. The last time it had been done was in 2015!

Even though there's only a small handful of players left, we're still doing our best to keep things running as smooth as possible. We just finished a TON of quality-of-life updates:

  • Lag fixed: Thanks to the new Paper server jar we've eliminated the lag problems.
  • Mapping - Player Locations Fixed: Players locations are now updating on the map every hour with the map render.
  • Mapping - Icons Added: Check the Legacy cartography to see POI icons.
  • Mapping - 1.15 Support: 1.15 blocks now render properly.
  • Mapping - Hard (survival) Server Spawnable Areas: Spawnable areas are now viewable on the hard (survival) server as overlay.
  • Mapping - Hard (survival) Server End Map: Hard (survival) server now is generating cartography for the end dimension.
  • All Chunks Upgraded to 1.15.2: Upgraded all chunks via forceUpgrade.
  • All Corrupt Chunks Fixed: Removed any chunks that were reporting as corrupt by forceUpgrade.
  • Website Updated: Updated the website for the first time in ages. New "Server News" section added, and server status portion totally refactored.
folkhack 3-13-2020
1.15 Update!

Server has been updated to the 1.15 version of Minecraft.

folkhack 12-11-2019
1.14 Update!

Server has been updated to the 1.14 version of Minecraft.

folkhack 5-20-2019
Survival Server Started

A new survival server has been started at port 8086 on difficulty "hard."

This change was to allow a fresh start on a brand new server under a harder difficulty while allowing easier building on a normal difficulty. The new "hard" server will be known as the "Survival" server, and the original server will be known as the "Legacy" server.

folkhack 11-2015
Legacy Server Started

Folkhack's Minecraft Server started at port 6502 on difficulty "normal."

folkhack 11-2011

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